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In the world of psychics

In the world of psychics all somewhat differently than in the world of any common man. These people have to possess superhuman face daily with a variety of things that we do not suspect . Million examples where reluctant psychic hears and sees what he does not have and is not interesting. But , alas … Psychics » arranged » so that they will often without them is the flow of information with which they are forced to do something , in simple terms . For example , the psychic moves by public transport: around people, a lot of people, and each has its own energy and history, everyone is thinking about something else, each emits negative or positive . Susceptible people , such as psychic, can not feel the all these processes . And this is a problem for him .
Many psychics say that to them down the vision , but I am sorry, it does not happen on schedule , which means that at any time of day or night it can happen. And how much will it last time — not always clear . All individually. From heavy duty psychics can experience headaches , fatigue and so on. After all, we must not forget that the psychic — primarily people , and hence the possibility of the body are not limitless .
Psychics are often deprived of free time and personal space , because their heads are so busy with the information that is necessary to cope with it , spending a lot of time and using a variety of different ways.