Questions to Mehdi on extrasensory.

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Questions to Mehdi on extrasensory.

Questions to Mehdi on extrasensory.
Who do you think you are: a psychologist or a psychic?
Because what is happening now, it is more prestigious to call himself a psychologist. But I’ll tell you this: the psychologist can not be psychic, but a psychic can be a psychologist!

2. You often addressed as a psychic or a psychologist? And in some of these areas do you helped — in extrasensory perception, or psychology?

Of course, after my victory in the Battle of psychics I began to learn everything and thus more issues associated with extrasensory. You know, for me has always been the main result. I now accept as a psychologist, but my ability to help me anyway, because I do not ask people what happened and why they were there, I feel myself and the first to talk about their problems that they turned, and then give advice. This helps me psychic. As they say in medicine, you must first diagnose and then treat only. And the ability to help me just put this same diagnosis.