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Battle of psychics 3.

Yesterday ended rerun transmission Battle psychics-3 on TNT. We’ve all seen what can psychics. We have seen failures psychics and victory. We saw shocking imagination trials that psychics cope. Mehdi won Ebrahim Wafa typing maximum number of votes. Psychics in the final had four, although in the standard program of 3 finalists, n this time psychics were so convincing that the jury could not choose just three. Psychics evoked tears of sadness and tears of joy. Psychics do the impossible. Psychics have proven once again that there are people capable of much. Psychics are all worthy, but Mehdi Ebrahim Wafa turned dearer heart of the spectator and the prizes awarded. Battle of psychics repeated trill is not the first time. Why? Because that’s what this program has become the most beloved in the history of the Battle. Many psychics, and most worthy enough. Congratulations once again Mehdi victory.


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