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Battle of psychics over the years.

Psychic everywhere. Now back on TNT is repeated a third season of Battle of the Psychics. Why repeat the old series? It’s simple. Celebrities first issues Battle of psychics will always be remembered because they were the first impressed the audience, because a few years ago there was the usual attitude to extrasensory because the first season was one of the strongest psychics because the viewer was all new and everything seemed continuous magic. Today, looking at more than a dozen editions of the Battle of psychics, people do not perceive the manipulation of psychics and their behavior as something ethereal and magical. People now appreciate psychics for their strength and accuracy of the assignment. Psychics do not become over the years, to surprise people anymore, they are only from time to time another proof of the existence of ESP. But interest in psychics are not dropped. Psychic fully surprising delights, impressive and intriguing people gathering around him all the new legends, stories and myths.


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