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Can I learn extrasensory ?

Recently, there are many different schools and courses on extrasensory . Is it possible to become a psychic, if you do not consider themselves as such ? What do you need ? In most cases, these schools are built on one person . That is, there are people who for one reason or another had since birth or developed a psychic capabilities . Next, he or his students begin to teach the theory , practice psychic . But how effective such a transfer of knowledge and experience ? The fact that, in most cases, they provide the correct theoretical information given operating practice , they use them. But some, it all works, and others do not, but why?
Whether it is possible through initiation to become psychic?
This is the most popular and exciting question for those who aspire to be a psychic. Strong psychic for a beginner can do something, but just like that, waved to the inexperienced and ignorant people became easily psychic impossible. Sharply be connected to all of this — it’s like being in the cockpit of an airplane , and without warning you give management and the pilots themselves jump out with a parachute. And then you realize that you have everything for the flight and landing … but you do not know how to use it all . So whether it is possible to initiate a human psychics ? Probably it is possible , but I’ve encountered in practice. There is something similar to the initiation — attunement , for example, two psychic can tune in to each other’s capabilities , and to adopt them, ie how to catch them. But for that to happen , you need to already be a psychic , and this ability also appears not at all. Indeed, in many areas of extrasensory perception , and in what areas they occur is not so easy to predict , it is necessary to create conditions for their manifestation. In other words, you need to try all directions if there is interest in this .
What you need to become a psychic?
Purely theoretically, each person is given the opportunity, but in practice, life , everything looks different . There are people who have this gift is not just there , and requires that people started to use it. Some phenomenon called shamanic illness. If people do not know that he has this gift , and of course does not use it , then his life can become unbearable emotional , the next stage of the disease …. and appropriate outcome. What is called a psychic gift , I call strong or old soul , although there is not always so simple. Psychic gift — Soul starts pounding in human consciousness through feelings and emotions. In other words, life becomes oversaturated with negative emotions , anger, resentment and even hatred , often not even something specific , just all there and all . It’s just the pain of the soul from the fact that her man — soul — in does not notice him, and she , of course, knocking all means available. But feelings and emotions is the native language of the soul , so she yells at his man — language «Notice me , I’m here , I’m alive ,» Of course such people everything goes quickly , they only need to get in touch with the soul, learn to understand it, «communicate» . Next is the soul itself all show and tell , as it will give instruction to use . But not everyone is angry and resentful person is hidden psychic. It may just be a bad temper or upbringing.
In order to become a trained psychic need to train all the free time , ie it becomes a way of life.
Psychic — it’s a lifestyle
Many people who have psychic abilities , but not crush the human , that is they are, but in its infancy , or almost inactive. In this case, you can reach out to them , wake up . Here and effective principle: » Psychic — it’s a lifestyle .» In other words, the person begins to think , to live , to perceive the world as a psychic. In practice, it looks like this : at every opportunity all you need to think in terms of psychic . But at the same time we should not forget that we live in a world where psychic phenomenon as yet considered , not the norm . Therefore, to respond to all costs so that people began to look askance and insist tested for mental disorders .
Are there some people who can not teach extrasensory ?
Yes of course there is .
Weak-willed person
These are the people who have this ability karmically closed for some reason , in this embodiment .
This low level of human consciousness , levels of consciousness , the first of the second chakra .
Next, a case of widespread — it is a strong negative blockage in its various manifestations . Simply put , a person initially has data to be psychic, but for various reasons (often a way of life , beliefs ) it is immersed in the low vibrations and thus its field strongly soiled , just under the laws of the universe (you can tell by the laws of physics ) does not allow to manifest psychic abilities. Brick can not swim ! And no matter how we tried it will not float , but we can change ourselves , and not be a brick.
Here are a few common reasons why it is impossible to become a psychic.


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