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Ekstraesns as a mentor.

Ended 15 Battle of psychics. It was very unusual in its own way and interesting. Psychics have appeared in different images, which added piquancy. Many outstanding personalities among psychics. Many interesting test for psychics. Interesting characters and people to participate in this 15th season. Many enthusiastic about the project from psychics and Battle of psychics. And it’s great that there are people in good faith, good and so on. Psychics are different. But first of all they are ordinary people, which means that they like people: good and bad. Do not make a big emphasis on attributes, it is not necessary to believe in a loud statements and words psychics. It is necessary to start to believe only in yourself! A resort to the help of psychics as a last resort. Remember, even if the image of a psychic from the TV screen seemed perfect, in the life of rejection can occur. Not to do too much at stake in advance. Always worth thinking mind in the first place! Psychics diversified people from which there can be both good and negative. One should always be careful when choosing a counselor, both among friends and among psychics!


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