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Psychic — is not a mechanism

Psychic – is not a machine and not a robot.

The psychic is not exactly like a Swiss watch.

Psychic can make a mistakes.

Psychic not compass, he can give advice, but only you can choose the exact direction.

Psychic — no magic wand.

Psychic — not the  Wizard of Oz, not Santa Claus and not God. Not everything depends on him.

Psychic can not guarantee something 100 percent.

Psychics are not always able to protect theirs proximity from the tragedies.

Psychic can not always decipher the information available to him.

Psychic is not  «connected» to the channel of information.

Psychic — not a prophet and not the devil.

The psychic — a man with a great potential.  Scientists and whole research centers are discovering who is a psychic

Psychic universally abilities, while there are shamans, sorcerers, healers, clairvoyants, it’s a different concept.




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