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Psychic — a separate substance.

Psychic — a separate substance, which carries a kind of » disparate » . We’re talking about psychics — he did not like everything he has supernatural abilities, he is not of this world , a man of God and kissed etc. And what if we look at the psychic as a conductor at the worlds . Did psychics — people who have a communication channel . Did psychics are people able to broadcast information svom kind of space or somewhere else …

Psychics really endowed than something more than just an ordinary person . And understand — what? and where ? can be infinite ! Our task — just assume nominate one of the versions , and try to understand .

1) Psychics see past

2) psychics say about the future

3) psychics feel energy

4) psychics see a series of events , pictures

5) see psychics and present

6) psychics are able to find the connection between the events

7) psychics hypersensitive

8) psychics feel that does not endorse any one instrument

9) psychics are able to influence the course of events

Proceeding from the above, we can safely make that psychics can quite simply be conductors.

And it makes you wonder about many things, and may reconsider its attitude towards them.


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