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Psychic and deception

Psychics — individual mysterious, but nevertheless, no psychic does not differ from the common man. Of course, a psychic intuition developed much stronger. Of course, the more psychic feels and sees. Over, psychic difficult trick, but … it can be possible? Think, since a psychic in the first place a person — so it is inherent in all human qualities, such as innocence, trustfulness, kindness. From this it follows that even a psychic can be fooled. Imagine that psychic suspected fraud (or felt), he goes to a cheater and says you or did so-and-so? And he answered him, no, not me. If this man is a stranger to most of the psychic, then of course, turn on intuition, thinking, feeling and vision. But if such a person close to the psychic, how can include extrasensory. Of course, the psychic will be easier to go against yourself and your intuition, but remain in the trust. It’s all life. And psychics in it — the same people, like everyone else. Another issue is that not all dare to deceive the psychic, especially if they themselves are in need of his help!


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