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Psychic and deception

Psychic can be tricked? Yes, quite a can. Psychics do not always use their abilities for the benefit of themselves. On the one hand because they are people first, and in the other hand — psychics have their vocation to help — help others, using his gift, not currently. Psychic can cheat and because primarily triggered the human factor. Not everyone trusts his psychic intuition is 100 percent, because there is always a percentage of error. Therefore, people who wish to deliberately deceive the psychic may well do it, using the personal degree of confidence. Psychic — a hypersensitive person who possesses superior intuition developed senses, speed of thought, but it remains a man. And this is not surprising, is unlikely you will find a psychic who endlessly at his side uses their abilities, continually trying to control everything that happens around him, evaluate and draw conclusions. So you can just get som. Therefore psychics only when absolutely necessary use their gift for themselves favorite. Psychics do not assume someone like robots that everyone always knows. This is not so. We must look at things realistically — can psychics much, but not everything depends on them.


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