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Psychic as self-expression .

Psychic itself — a man with a number of features not related to the standard set of human qualities . We talked about it many times. Today I would like to see a psychic in terms of self-expression . There are people who want to become psychics , and many of them do not understand what they want . But again do not know. Why is a man generally want to have the strongest gift beyond human ? Maybe just because » forbidden fruit is sweet » , and maybe because people want to rule the world , over the usual , over the other … Judge for yourself , well, for what purpose you would like to become the owner of psychic abilities ? Do you want to know more than they should ? And, indeed, it is to this people and seek. No matter what the price, but do not be like everyone else . Few of those wishing thought about how psychic work is difficult, dangerous, responsible , incredibly complex. But alas, only the desire to win again prevail over all familiar. And the most interesting thing is that many of those who want to become psychic, do not even understand the true meaning and essence . Passion, desire , ambition … and that’s all ! Lord , come to your senses , which becomes those whom you know nothing ? Even after becoming a psychic , you can not save yourself from the human way. Psychic — it is not a magic wand . Psychics — not magicians . Often , it is unfortunate people who are willing to give up everything just to be ordinary people — and not see or hear all of what many so- long dream . To strive to something , then we must understand that to do with it . Did you know? Do not suppose you thought that becoming a psychic, you will lose his former self and be left alone with a new one. What can it lead to? What are the consequences after entering the country psychic ? For what? We need to think , learn from experience, convey a strong psychic stories , learn as much as possible a lot of detail , deep, and then think — can you overcome all this ? And most importantly — why ?


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