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Psychic in extreme conditions.

Psychic work in extreme conditions is clearly different from the psychic work in everyday life. Extreme conditions dictate their psychic line of work . What is the reason ? From the fact that under normal conditions of psychic has more time to think , has perhaps the preliminary information that we have time to analyze , correct . In the end, a psychic have time to focus , to resort to any manipulation , rituals, specific actions. But if we are talking about extreme conditions , then:

1) psychic limited in time;

2) psychic possibly deprived of free space ;

3) a psychic can be distracting extraneous sounds , crowding , environmental conditions (if the action takes place on the street) , weather conditions and so on.

4) a psychic can be deprived of the opportunity he needed to produce a series of manipulations ;

5) may be a psychic one elementary psychological impact ;

6) psychic is not always able to make definite conclusions or describe (say) a picture of the incident;

7) psychic, primarily people , and therefore unfamiliar conditions of the environment can affect his mental or physical condition .


All of these conditions of psychic in extreme conditions should be carefully thought out and considered. Of course, any work — a work , and the work of the psychic — it’s indescribable work that requires maximum effort and energy investments .


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