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Psychic in Russia.

Psychic in Russia differs from psychic abroad. Well there is no such interest in the mad magicians, fortune-tellers , witches there, overseas. What can I say and comment … To begin with, there is the concept of mentality and its features. Maybe that’s the problem . Russian people have always believed in the word, the Russian people are always the last to believe in themselves and all around him. And foreigners more closer look at things . They not only that man calls himself a psychic , they just need to confirm such podtverzhdeniya.A eschah not. Certainly, it is therefore not every foreigner will run to a psychic for help . These people for their interest only in terms of » phenomenon » , and of course, the second time — it’s money . Psychics charge for their services to different amounts . One psychic help three times more expensive than the other. And for the Russian people is not starshno . For him, the main hope for salvation . But any European think a hundred times before you spend an extra penny . It also should be considered. Psychic and that is not where to turn abroad. And here we have — please : no legislation clearly formed on this occasion (but thank God for this all goes) at every step , and advertising can be said almost propaganda … This may unfortunately not everywhere. Psychic should have the right to exist, to work and so on, but then it on par with all professions, to prevent fraud, quackery and fraud. Psychics — the same people . They have the right to make their work . And that’s OK !


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