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Psychic is not a magician

Psychic is not a magician .
One should always understand that a psychic , despite the uniqueness of perception of the world , is always a man. We have no right to demand from a psychic beyond. Ektsrasens — not a magician, and he does not have a magic wand. Life — not a fairy tale . But definitely psychics living among us differ in views, sensitivity , perception and so on. Nevertheless , it is necessary to apply around the mind’s eye .
Look ridiculous in God psychic seer , messiah . Psychics perform their specific function , but they can make mistakes . In order to clearly understand the relevance to the psychic treatment , we must first be clear about the feasibility. Nobody ever you can not ban apply to a psychic at your discretion. You are the master of your life and only you can decide . But due to the tense situation in the present day and due to the huge amount of fraud , we must take this into account to avoid becoming the next victim of a scam . If a psychic — not always a cheater ! But this vigilance must not deny .


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