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Psychic on TV

Yesterday one of the channels was broadcast, which talked a lot about psychics. Moreover, «saying» in the sense of not very friendly. Psychics exposed, if I may say so. Collected stories of people who once got an appointment with the psychics, but in the end turned out to be cheated. Psychics showed that no matter what can not in the opinion of the audience. We talked about a lot of psychics all, just not clear target. Show and tell what exactly these people liars — is half the battle, but it is important to warn! It is important to explain to people how to distinguish between a psychic from the charlatan. In the end, it is necessary to pay attention to the creation of a special commission, which will be tested on a serious level, the ability of each psychic. This is important and it is not a toy. It affects people’s lives. On the transfer itself poured a lot of resentment at all psychics, and this is understandable, but the goal should be a bit different — not rend the air and all the places with the same brush, and to understand — who can and who can not! In the block a few times and he flashed Mehdi. About him did not say a single bad word, but so ugly in the program include a person who has nothing to do quackery has not. And if there are any claims, could you specify. Alas, only shown in the frame. Now, to the readers, it was clear to tell. This channel is regularly turned to Mehdi for help in the shooting — that is asked to participate in the filming of a different sort, where required by Mehdi comments from the perspective of a professional. Came to the office a group of people were asked questions (absolutely adequate and even more — important), and as a result the air was constantly a second cutting, where Mehdi said something about topic, but against the general background of the program looks like, that all the dirt and concerns of the psychic Mehdi. It, in a word, knead the dough in a completely «for the company.» A behind the scenes all the cute smile and grovel to interview. That’s the story. Channels that do not work for a long time, just do not believe in the word, and fear the next such tricks.

With regard to the set of quacks, yes, they certainly have a place to be. Psychic — very convenient guise for making money. Just show though bo one person, with whom the psychic in our time did not take money for their services. Well show? No such. Maybe, just somewhere away from the big city there are bright people who are not spoiled. And in the city of psychics and only do they take, take, take. This is also about saying something. At the same time I am proud to claim that one person I know. Thanks for that!



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