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Psychic techniques

Psychic work and its features .
Since psychics — people themselves are unusual, even in their activities can be traced clearly unusual trends .
Psychic techniques :
all sorts of paraphernalia ;
vocal techniques (shouting , whispering , song) ;
prayer ;
spells ;
gesticulation ;
mimic active movement ;
all sorts of poses ;
Actions hands ;
use items;
the involvement of other people ;
Psychics in our world are actively participating , as people chose extrasensory his main profession.
At the reception, a psychic you can watch vsegla magical atmosphere around (say in the study of the psychic ) , also you can always pay attention to the surroundings . Many psychics maintain its image with the appropriate clothing or a whole appearance. Often at the psychic can see a lot of rings , rings , amulets , talismans , unusual items located on the neck, arms ( in the form of bracelets ) …
For what purpose ?
A purely psychological techniques that aim to further the human exposure . Judge for yourself if you ‘ll see in front of the person sitting opposite , imposingly legs spread , in a tracksuit , smoking a cigarette — it will make you only one impression and I got there ? And if you sit in front of a serious person on whose hand (for example) you can see some unusual attribute with incomprehensible symbols , and on the table in front of him are located (for example) the old books with yellowed pages , magic balls , skulls, etc. . This is sure to make you think — oh, something unusual.
Man is so constituted — it involve something unusual and psychic itself already conjures up something magical, mystical and stuff.
Psychic, of course, have to cope with their work in any clothes and in any position. But our world — theater, and the people in it … who? actors! But despite all this , indeed, many psychics need some things that help them in their work . For example, cards , rosaries , books or objects associated with concentration. This, too, must be remembered and taken into account.
Any work , including the work of psychic — is primarily labor. Work psychic scale. In his hands, not just a different kind of manipulation ( as for example, in the office) , in his hands the lives and destinies of people !
Be careful when choosing a psychic.


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