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Psychics — a good assistant.

The psychic can give competent advice. Psychic can help find answers to troubling questions for a long time. The psychic can give tips to make the correct entry. But the psychic can not make it rain. Psychic can not build a castle in the air. Psychics no magic wand. Dear friends, we should always remember that. But this rule will not cancel belief in miracles. Need to believe in miracles. Miracles were there with us. Everyone has their own concept of a miracle, but in general — is a miracle of life itself. Psychic task to be useful as far as possible. The task of the psychic, clairvoyant, healer — to share their knowledge, experience and skill. But all these persons in the first place people! Do not make yourself an idol — as they say. Recourse to a psychic main your task — to clearly understand what you want from him! Do not make bets on psychics, they are not a horse, and life — not racing! The psychic can only be a good helper for you. As always remind you that you have to be careful when meeting with psychics.


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