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Psychics and ratings

Psychics often predict the collapse of humanity, or in simple words — end of the world. On what psychics are based — is not clear. But then, they are psychics to talk personally their point of view and vision. On certain TV channels, there are a number of programs on the psychic knowledge, opinions, experts. Psychics, using the technique of each respond to topical issues of transmission, including those related to the aliens and the end of the world. Of course, psychics opinions do not always coincide 100 percent, but nevertheless, the danger can not be denied — this repeat many psychics. Is it — none of us say with certainty can not. But in any case, must be handled carefully and with any kind of information — no matter where it is received — from the mouth of scientific figure or from the mouth of a psychic. It is not necessary to spread panic and fear among the people interested in this topic. It is necessary to take note of all the arguments, but do not embellish their heat of passion to raise the rating of transmission. On the other side of the screen — real people, each with their own psyche — should remember this psychics including.


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