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Psychics and statistics.

Keep in mind that any phenomenon in the world can be represented in the table of statistics. As for the psychic and psychics — here is more complicated, but then again you can always resort to statistics. Today, we will not go into the numbers, but just think a bit. For what, in principle, need statistics section psychic? Just order it to be. Science is always built first on the statistics. But psychics — is also part of science, and, therefore, the statistics applicable to them. What can give us statistics on psychic? Of course first of all answers to the main questions questions- effectiveness of psychics! Well, everything is simple: if the 10 psychics will show the result of all 10 — and it’s in the bag. But life is more complicated. Since ekstrasensorika not been studied at 100 percent, there are difficulties in the statistics. This means that statistics can only take place under certain experiments. With regard to this issue to date, it is safe to talk about the presence among us of real psychics. This is important. We must clearly understand that this phenomenon is, but it’s not massive, as it is now presented on television, which means a chance to address the real psychic is not so great. However, when we need help, we start looking for a psychic. Is it worth it? Sometimes it is worth! But not always! This is a very slippery topic! Therefore, stats, but not to get hooked on quack, be careful as possible!


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