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Psychics and the gift

Can a psychic to give up the gift presented to him? This issue is very complicated. Why? Because the person is difficult to give up what he was given. For example, visual or hearing impairment. Imagine, if you can give up these things? Hardly … So psychic! Yes, the psychic can deliberately develop their abilities! Many people know that there is some room for each person, but not everyone can develop them. And psychics often deliberately improve their capabilities. Also psychics can not use your gift, such as not taking people who do not help to solve them problems, etc. But, good or bad, discard the gift and not pay attention to him psychics can not. Anyway, every psychic feels the force feels they possess extraordinary abilities, from time to time appear! Therefore, psychics always difficult to live in a society full of difficulties and events. Psychics on the one hand are doomed to knowledge and power.


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