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Psychics arrested in Moscow.

Psychic — part of our lives, whether we like it or not. From the psychic can not refuse because it addressed and treated a lot of people. Good or bad — it’s everyone for themselves, but also to challenge the existence of psychics in our life is stupid. Psychics are different — and there are decent, there are real psychics and charlatans. The other day was the news about the arrest in Moscow group of psychics who fraudulently extorted money from victims and promised help from various ailments. It was organized by a group of persons who on the phone any way gather all relevant information about the client, and then blackmail and methods of intimidation, forced to pay large sums of money. What can I say? Very sorry for those people who are associated with such psychic. Very painful and sad that the word psychic, ekstrasensorika- turn into a negative stigma. There are real psychics who are willing to help. Awful that deception among people thriving, and so one person can easily deceive another. It is sad that people can not distinguish from a psychic charlatan. Bitter because psychics are not responsible for their actions. Scared that this did not stop. Be careful, dear friends!


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