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Psychics on TV.

One thing is when a psychic working in his office. It is most often private conversation client and psychic, in which the client receives the answers to their questions. Psychic free in his actions. He can ask leading questions may be used any psychological tricks exposure can speak the truth alone, without fear that the client will confirm or refute. Psychic in a private conversation can perform certain rituals to help address. But it is quite another thing if the psychic works with the client before the camera for television. Why? Because psychic limited in their actions. It may not always voice even what he sees, because (you know) everyone has skeletons in the closet and you can not always say something in front of witnesses. A shooting process involves an indefinite number of people around … Also, not every psychic is able to focus in front of cameras and tune in the desired fashion. Another important point: psychics each have their methods of work, and the competition in this kind of activity is high, and thus to preserve their identity — it is necessary to leave the secrets of his work with him. It is therefore welcome in the eyes of cameras can not in any case be called complete. It is important to remember this!


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