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Should psychic help?

Psychic task is always to feel human problem and try to solve it. Before the psychic is not a question: do I need to intervene or not. Because if he could feel the psychic problem, it means that he «got good» on it to try to solve it. What areas of human life affects psychic help? Can and should it help address establish personal life? Or psychic problem — just tell us about the future of man?


To answer this question, first I need to understand, who is a psychic. Unfortunately in Russia when they say psychic, so he can see the past, present and future, can treat, predict, create a contact from a distance with anyone and even with the dead, and is able to do all the other omens. But this is a mistake. Psychic — is hypersensitive people. He is currently able to feel invisible matter. Can feel where the hidden thing, feel the pain and the problem of man, to give advice, to deliver protection against disease. But he can not see the future and the past. It is capable of doing .. clairvoyant healer can treat a person. Predicting the future can only be God. History knows of people who predicted the future, and it predictors. Contact may create medium and those who are engaged in spiritualism. Omens lapels make sorcerers. And the man who can combine the features of all these specialists and solve all the questions — that person is called a universal psychic.

back to the question:

If a psychic he felt and saw the problem of human reason, of course it can help. Each person has their own personal problems and they are different, and therefore the role of great psychic and he can play a very important role in human destiny. And it can be dangerous. Conman same advice may be wrong to destroy someone’s life or even take it away.

And the right to intervene in any psychic destiny of man? It depends on whether he was able to see the very human problem, if so, it means someone has already given the nod to the right and then to help. And if the psychic felt nothing, then shut down the information, then there is nothing to help.

And yet we must remember one thing — there is the concept of «punishment from above» — and then no one will help nothing. Only in such a situation, it may be possible to relieve pain


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