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We must learn to understand psychics.

Psychic at first glance is ka to the side, no one touches her and she does not bother anyone. But it is necessary to delve into the history and get to some of the details, it becomes clear that much of our lives is connected with extrasensory, psychics, clairvoyants and other people who have abilities. As for psychics, that their main task may be «nothing»! There is a view that some people have psychic abilities can not participate in any kind of experiments are not interested in his personality in terms of the development of abilities, and so on — they just live a normal life man. Psychics are not always under the camera. Psychics are not always part of the script. Psychics are not actors. There are psychics who do not even know what they are psychics. and this is the life! The task of society first learn to deal with psychics, to distinguish from the real psychic fraud, and then learn to understand them and cherish them. This is extremely important!



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